First blood drawn

This is due for a long time. I’ll be writing about stuff that I learn everyday and things I have learnt, mostly math and computational aspects of math. I’m not sure about the audience for my writing but we’ll see how it goes. I should mention that this will mostly be non-rigorous and should be fairly accessible for all but at times my nerd nature will be shown. This is because I often stumble how nice looking things show some weird nature and can easily become incomprehensible when beaten with rigorousness or when approached more formally. For those who’re still curious, the specific topics include applications of pure math (algebra and topology) in Machine Learning problems though not strictly. I’m also a big fan of numerical optimization and math programming, so you can expect that to be covered as well. I also intend to post some ideas and problems that I intend to think about seriously so I hope we all learn together.


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