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Bare bones of Matrix Completion – II (10 mins read)

Continuing last post, we will resume talking about matrix completion in this. As the title suggests, these are some basic facts about the problem so I’ll provide some interesting references at the end.

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Bare bones of Matrix Completion – I (7 mins read)

This last three weeks I was in Utah for a summer math school or conference whichever you prefer that was organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS), Princeton, New Jersey. Basically we had three weeks of lectures, problem sessions, endless fun discussions day in day out with free food, free stay – the resort was amazing, we stayed at the Zermatt resort (if you’re using headphones you might wanna turn the volume down a bit). Anyway, the point of this post is lectures given by Roman Vershynin that I sat through on Random Matrices and applications (basically this is a scribe). Specifically, about the famous problem called as matrix completion. Later (hopefully soon) I’ll write about another topic that definitely got my attention called as Differential Privacy.

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